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With 46 Tony® awards, and 134 Tony® award nominations, Michael David and his partners are major producers.

Producing hit shows on Broadway since 1978 including Tony® award winners, Jersey Boys, Titanic, Into the Woods, Urine Town, and 42nd Street, to name just a very few.

We produced this party for Mr. David and his family, friends and show business associates.

Every detail was just right.

This showboat featured Mr. David and the supporting cast was the sights of New York City.

The guest list read like an all-star cast of the best of Broadway theatre.

After cocktails and hors d'oeuvre the guests went to the dining level where a Filet Mignon dinner with all the accompaniments was served.

For dessert the custom birthday cake looked like Mr. David, which made it taste twice as good!

Another Tony award winning production!

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