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These logos represent just a very few of the very many companys we have assisted.

Our clients are large corporations, financial institutions, small businesses, destination management companies, celebrities and private individuals who rely on us to produce events that preserve the integrity of their image to their employees, clients, investors, associates, families and friends.


All sectors of our economy require special events for various reasons at various times. Each client has specific needs that require attention to details.

Yachts project the image of luxury and success. Guest aboard feel special. Chartering a Yacht for your event enhances your company's image in a positive way. The magnificient New York Skyline helps make a lasting impression.

The presentation of the details will determine the positive impression of the event.


Celebrities promote themselves in New York for purposes of public relations performing with groups, high profile individuals and families.

Cruise events ensure the utmost control, privacy and security when they need to create a buzz.

We are sensitive to these aspects and are proud to have produced private promotional cruises as well as birthday celebrations, record release events, and cruising concert events for the biggest, most famous and important names in the entertainment business.