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Event Gallery - Training/Motivation

A soft approach was implemented for NBC's Chief Information Officer to connect with the company's 250 IT department employees.

We provided them with an event professionally planned like any other activity of the company.

The logistics were set up so the cruise would be within easy walking distance from the NBC headquarters in midtown.

After passing through security the guests signed in and received name badges.

A projection show outlined how their IT department is vital to the operations of the NBC network. A question and answer period followed before the plumage of the NBC peacock was unveiled and the event began.

Open bar, hors d'oeuvre, dinner, dessert the works.

The goal for this dynamic event: mobilize the department and develop leadership and creativity among guests who sometimes may be passive.

Karaoke was utilized. Many guests performed songs. This can help a company find a new natural leader. The effect is known as "gesture result".

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