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The world renowned Carnegie Hall organization received an ovation from their associates after Thomas Brooke produced a dinner cruise and dance party to celebrate their 113th successful season.

As the three hundred and fifty guests boarded they immediately made themselves comfortable on four levels of entertaining space including two dance floors, a balcony level overlooking the main dining level and an enormous observation sun deck.

The success of this event hinged on the smooth flow of guests on the ship. "We did not want anyone to wait for anything so we set food stations on every level and tripled the bar staff during boarding", said Thomas Brooke, Director of Charter Pro Yachts. "We also set-up dessert carts and rolled them around so guests would not have to stop dancing to see what was for dessert".

The entertainment provided dancing throughout the evening and with an energetic atmosphere and beautiful sunset, the foundation for the next successful season of concerts was begun.

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