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The Royal Bank of Scotland held its annual CBFM American Meetings at the IBM Conference Center in Tarrytown, NY.

The organizers wanted to host a dinner event in appreciation of the 200 participants, forty percent were from outside of North America.

The dinner event was to be different, and so, they turned to Thomas Brooke of Charter Pro Yachts.

Guests arrived early for cocktails and enjoyed each others company after the day of meetings.

The 32 mile scenic route cruise took the guests north through historic "Sleepy Hollow" in the Hudson River valley to Tarrytown NY. Then motor coaches transported the guests back to their conference center.

Dinner was as perfect as one can imagine.

The great atmosphere was enhanced by a gracious courteous staff, a beautifully decorated dining area, a 3 piece jazz ensemble and breathtaking views of the pristine New Jersey Palisades and New York City Skyline.

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