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We represent U.S. Coast Guard Inspected, Certified and Insured Yachts.

They are crewed and we service staff each one according to your events specific needs.

Fully carpeted and climate controlled decks make chartering a very comfortable experience any time of the year. In addition large promenade decks and panaromic windows allow for easy viewing and enjoyment of the sights from any vantage point.

The Yachts that are available for charter are subject to very strict U.S.C.G. safety inspections, mechanical maintenance as well as seasonal cosmetic upgrades throughout the year.

The more intimate traditional style Yachts are best for clients who should have a 100% private function tailored to their group size and that portrays their image in an appropriate manner.

The floating restaurants that depend upon multiple groups booking their decks on a semi-private basis may appeal to more moderate budget groups.

As vessels become Coast Guard Certified we inspect them for special event criteria before we represent


Liberty Harbor is a security zone where yachts are privileged to pass. It is Coast Guard overseen, NYC Police boat patroled and satellite monitored.

You will enjoy the right yacht that enhances your party with your touch.