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There are two main factors that determine how much your private cruise event will cost and the costs will vary tremendously depending upon:

The number of guests anticipated to attend. Generally the more guests, the less it will cost per person. The type of Yacht required to comfortably accomodate your guests and the dockage location and time of year will also affect the "Charter Rate" factor.

The second factor is: the level of food, beverage and service required. Live Entertainment, floral decorations, preferred vintage wines and Champagnes etc.

As with everything, the more you spend, the "better" you get.

Very basically, there are 3 types of budgets, and depending on what you want to spend, your event is a function of cost. What you want, and how much it costs.

  • Low / Moderate Budget.

  • Deluxe /Good Budget.

  • Upscale/ High End Budget.

We provide all-inclusive costs to tell you exactly how much your event will be and what exactly is included based on what you want to spend.

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